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Our web3 extension services turning your brilliant ideas into a successful and scallable project in the long run

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Smart Contract Development

In some business case, customization is required to conform business process of your own into a Smart Contract. With our expertise in Solidity and Rust, we can help you to customize Smart Contract compliance to your business.

Requirement GatheringTechnical DesignDevelopmentTestingDeploymentAudit

Setup minting tier for best user experience

Web3 Integration

While you have deployed your own smart contract, but you need to integration into your app to connect end-users wallet. We got you cover! Our frontend developers are expertise in web3 integration both for EVM and SVM.

Connect walletSmart Contract InteractionAsset listings3rd Party IntegrationOwnership Verification

I have my own smart contract and need integration to my web and mobile app

Decentralize App Development

Since most of projects adapting web2 (Internet Services) as their technology backbone, our dApp solution team will help your project with full scale solutions in application development and blockchain implementation from design to launch.

dApp DesignWeb DevelopmentSmart Contract DevelopmentWeb3 IntegrationApp Development

I have my own smart contract and need integration to my web and mobile app

GameFi Tokenomy

Using blockchain technology as the component for game development is one of a kind innovation. We will help you to deep dive in game development specifically for blockchain mechanism to empower gamers economy.

Game DesignGameplay ConceptIn-game TokenGovernance TokenDecentralize Game Function

I have my own smart contract and need integration to my web and mobile app

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Our web3 services in action

Few of many projects that using our web3 services to build

NFT Project

Space Station Six

NFT project with space theme, Space Station Six using our services to launch their first NFT collection. Our team building website, minting dapp, and also 2D game on the next phase.

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Web3 AI Chat

AI chatbot on Web3 from Space Station Six. Anyone can own chatbot and rent it for everyone by using pay-per-query model. This project is probably the first of it's kind.

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NFT AI Generator

Powering DALL-E 2 by OpenAI with Web3, allow users to generate image with query and mint it as NFT. Users will be able to sell it on NFT marketplace like OpenSea.

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